Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I not seeing the same provider that I saw last week?

If you are being treated in our office for a case you will at some point see one of our case management providers so they can evaluate your case in our office.  Most times the case management providers will periodically see you or talk to you about your case so that we can update our information and the doctor on your case to continue treatment in our office.  You may also see other providers for your case management.  This is because more is better than one.  Many times your body can become accustomed to a specific touch, or technique.  This can sometimes stop the body from progressing.

Also all of our providers specialize in different areas of massage/manual therapy techniques.  This allows us to evaluate what care is going to get you well the quickest.  If we limited you to a single provider/therapist we might never know if another technique works better for you or not.  Another reason you may see a different provider is to get you comfortable with seeing someone else on the chance that your regular provider is not available.  I.e. Your provider goes on vacation, or your regular provider feels like you could benefit from seeing a therapist that specializes in a therapy you may do well with.

Do I need a referral from my PCP or can I get a referral from my chiropractor for treatment?
Depending on what you are being seen for you may need a referral from your PCP (primary care provider). If you are being seen for a worker’s compensation claim you may obtain a referral from your chiropractor, but eventually you will need to be seen by a PCP because workers comp limits how many visits you may see a chiropractor before obtaining a PCP for your case. If it is for a MVA you may receive a referral from any entity that has the ability to refer you for external preventative and rehabilitative care; I.e. Chiropractor, PCP, NP…etc. Your best bet is most always going to be your primary care provider though for a case.
Why aren’t you able to excuse me from work or refer me out for my injury/ies?
It is out of the scope of practice for a massage therapist to diagnose someone; therefore because we are unable to diagnose an injury or illness…etc. We are also unable to excuse you from work. The same reasons apply to being able to refer you out for physical therapy or to a specialist. You will need to be seen by a licensed practitioner who is able to diagnose in order to be excused from work or a specific activity as well as being referred out for care to a specialist…etc.
Why is tipping not allowed?

Due to the medical nature of our facility and the treatment you will be receiving, our belief is “If you wouldn’t tip your doctor, then why would you tip a massage therapist you are seeing for medical/therapeutic purposes?”  It is tip enough when you think highly enough to refer us your friends, family, co – worker…etc. to see one of our many skilled providers.

Do I need a referral to receive Treatment in your office?

You do need a referral to be treated in our office if you are being seen for a case/injury.  However; if you are not needing to bill insurance and you are being seen in our office for wellness care we do not require a referral in most instances.  The exception to this would be if you are wanting to be seen and you have a pre-existing illness or injury that we need clearance from a medical provider to be able to treat.  I.e. If you have a compromised immune system, are undergoing treatments for cancer, you are receiving care for certain disorders like a kidney disease and are on dialysis…etc.)  You may even set up an appointment for a consultation in our office to speak to one of our care management providers to answer any further questions you have about care in our office.

What do I need to bring with me to my first massage?
We will need you to have some form of Identification on you so that we can take a copy of it for your file and our records. If you are under the age of 18 years old we need your parent or guardian to sign a consent for you to be treated before you can be seen. (Reference “The Policy of Treatment of Massage for Minors”).
Do I need to come early for paperwork…etc.?
The paperwork we have for you can take anywhere from 5–10 mins. If you are able to come early it is suggested that you get here approximately 10–15 mins early.
Why won’t my massage therapist tell me what i have or might have wrong with me?
We are unable to diagnose. You will need to schedule an appointment with your primary care physician to have that diagnosis. (If it is something that you are uncertain is contagious or there could be a risk to your health at the time of service or during the consultation we may ask you to get looked at by a doctor to be cleared before receiving treatment).
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